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Mapleworks Inc. is home to fine woodworking. We meticulously design and build custom cabinetry, stairs, railing systems and unique furniture serving clients across Eastern Ontario. We are proud to create the focal points of your home. See our recent work, get inspired, and contact us to make your home a work of art.


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Always Custom

We meet every client to discuss and design their plans for the kitchen, staircase, or custom woodwork. Every project is new and tailored to the client’s home, their wants and needs. You won’t have to pick the colour from a small selection. We make custom stain to match floors or paint colour. The match is exact with variances only in the wood grain. The finished product is made specifically for you.

Friendly & Efficient

Enhancements to your home should not leave you with chores. Completing a design with components and style that you want is difficult enough. We make sure our projects leave you sitting down admiring your renovation. For kitchens, we bring in our electrician to make sure outlets are in the right place, under-lighting is prepared and all wiring is up to code. Our plumber, sets up or reroutes water lines and stays on top of the latest accessories. When we move walls, we run plans by an engineer and ensure, water, electrical, ventilation are properly placed. When installing stairways, structural walls are installed if required and finish trim is applied. Railings are fastened tight and baseboards are caulked and painted.

Quality Guaranteed

Our products are made to last. Our furniture is built in traditional wood joinery, our cabinets are well reinforced, and stairs are made to run up and down. All products are designed, built and installed by Mapleworks. Being in control every step of the way to ensure quality. We spray fast drying waterborne lacquer with low toxic VOC. This means we make minimal impact on the environment, without compromising a smooth rock hard finish.

Beautiful custom woodwork
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Woodworking isn’t just our job, it’s our passion.

Every detail has been artistically crafted to make your home something to boast about.

Marc-André Pion

Marc-André Pion

Owner & Lead Woodworker

I have always been an artist. When I discovered woodworking, I was thrilled to be creating art that people could use and enjoy. My schooling in cabinetry and furniture, mixed with years in a stair shop have allowed me to cover numerous services for clients. My passion and skill in woodwork are at the root of all our products available.





  • The talented team at Mapleworks Inc. created an amazing coffee table and side tables for our Century home. We shared our vision to use reclaimed wood for our century home. We couldn’t be happier with the end product and we constantly receive compliments.

    Julia Muggeridge- Partner at Aubs & Mugg Inc

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